Each time I told someone on the island that I was photographing this family, the response was always the same, “Oh, that will be a fun session!”

I knew it, and everyone else did too!

Meet the sisters. Lumina, the youngest, asked me if I wanted to have a sleep over when we were finished our shoot. It was the best offer I’ve had in a long time! (making my heart go pitter patter) 🙂

I was told they were approached by a family member recently who asked for a family portrait that “captured them as they truly are”. When they shared this story with me, and said the first person who came to mind who could deliver on such a request was yours truly, I was both flattered and honored.

These two appear as two birds of a feather to me. I left them alone to share time together and when I heard them laughing, I quietly entered the room and got this shot.

Meanwhile, these two made yummy apple sauce together. Theilard said his usual spot in the house is the kitchen, apron on, creating something to fill bellies.

When I asked what they normally do together, Theilard took Caron’s hand and they began to dance.  Love it.

I’m a friend of Dhiyani’s piano teacher and I can attest to his claim that she plays beautifully!

Tell me this lovely gal won’t have a line up of suitor’s outside her door?!

And THEN, and then, it was time for dress up! Everyone fled to different corners of the house to don new wardrobes for the tea party inside their chicken coop!

I loved when Carone came down the stairs in her new wardrobe, sighing a sense of relief at feeling “more like myself” in her crinoline.

It was a special Saturday to spend time with these fine, creative individuals. Thanks for the lunch, tea and conversation!