My friend and musician Sarah Harmer invited me to be her date Friday night for a benefit concert at The Studio Theatre in Perth, ON. The talented Joey Wright opened for her and some of the children from the Brooke Valley School helped sing Sarah’s popular song, Escarpment Blues. The benefit was for the alternative private one room rural school house which b/c it has no public funding means they have to charge tuition and and fund raise.

To be honest, I don’t feel the top image of Sarah is a good one. I find it difficult photographing friends and family as a general rule. I’m actually nervous shooting them. With this image of Sarah I see immediate issues, her pose is too strained, cautious, but that’s my fault, not hers. I’m posting it anyway b/c the more I look at it, the more I accept it. I start to focus on other things, like the details…her jewelry, eye colour, the embroidery on her dress, and then the image doesn’t bother me so much. I’m also posting it b/c it’s the only shot of her I got. Why? Again, b/c I often feel like I’m being a pest with friends and family if I ask them to do more for me than pose for one shot. Odd? Maybe. Perhaps something I need to get over.

I was telling Sarah and Joey that I’ve been listening to the song Jolene by Dolly Parton for some time now b/c I just can’t get enough of it. It’s got a fantastic beat and truthfully, I love Dolly’s voice singing it. On a whim the two of them practiced the song a few times and then added it to their set list. Amazing to me how musicians can do this, play/perform a song they just learned. So as a tribute to miss Dolly, here is Jolene for your listening pleasure.