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It’s a precious thing when a potential client says all of the “right” things upon speaking to you for the first time. What I’m writing about here isn’t the client who emails you and the first thing they want to know is your cost, no-no, I’m talking about the person who has looked through your web site and blog, LOVES your style of photography, VALUES what you do and desperately wants it for themselves. That, my friends, is the PERFECT client.

Scott first emailed me with the desire to give the gift of a portrait session for Brandy and their 7-month old daughter for Mother’s Day. Smart man. He’s paying attention and giving his wife what she wants. 😉 And not only did Brandy make me blush with her kind words about my work, when I showed up to do the actual shoot, they were a dream to photograph! Easy peasy as the saying goes. Young cutie pie Darla just smiled and stared at me, not putting up any kind of fuss whatsoever. DREAM. CLIENT.

Uncle James had just returned from Australia the night before and so we were able to get a couple shots of him and adorable Darla. James is an accomplished painter. The painting above their sofa in the first image posted is by him and I wanted it for myself! Check out his web site here.

I love how all 3 of them are making faces.

And we’re done, that’s a wrap!