See this mom, wife, lovely woman here? She was my next door neighbour growing up. Doing this portrait session with her and her brood was the first time I have seen her since I was 10 years old when she moved away. How much fun is that, I ask you? Perhaps unlike me you have many friends in your life who “knew you when”. I don’t, so for me, this was a special treat. We shared our memories of Mortensen Drive and the other kids on our street who shared in our outdoor activities. Fun. So happy to swap memories with someone who holds them as fondly in her heart as I do mine. And how special for me to hear Jen tell me how wonderful it is for her to have her family portrait taken by a childhood friend. 🙂

And is it crazy that I remember things about our time together like her birthday is exactly one month before mine, we used to play Charlie’s Angels and she always played Farrah Fawcett, we would share sleep overs, her house, my house, back and forth until our parents told us “we needed a break”. She remembers me playing Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders over and over and over again in the spare room of my parents house. I still have that 45 record. It’s orange and sits in my parents basement still. We used to put on dance routines in my parents basement and dance until we exhausted ourselves. And because I’m such a nostalgic kind of gal, here is Joan Jett singing Brass in Pocket. Just for you Jen.


K xo