This is my second big bag of pears I have collected, (the bag bit the dust in the end).

Last year I made a ginger and pear spread with my harvest. I’m not sure what, if anything I’ll do this year. I gave the contents of the entire first bag away to family and friends. They need a good week to ripen so it’ll give me time to think about canning or delivering to doorsteps (maybe both).

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to eat food from my backyard, but I still consider myself a novice when it comes to harvesting in large quantities and sometimes it makes me feel a bit anxious to get to work before they turn to mush.

BTW, I need to especially gush about the beets and swiss chard growing in the garden this year. They have been a source of many a summer meal: the beets so sweet and delicious (did you know they barbecue in minutes?) and the buttery chard tastes especially good pan seared with garlic. Go get yourself some!