These images represent the making of one fine Vegan Chocolate Cake. The recipe is from Moosewood and can be found easily on line.

I have had one chocolate cake recipe in my repertoire far too long, so when my baking friend extraordinaire, Vicki, made this cake and shared it with me, I knew I had finally found a yummy substitute for my stand by chocolate bundt cake. This recipe can be varied from the original, for instance, mine wasn’t a complete vegan cake as I used 2 dark chocolate bars for the glaze, which have milk in them. It’s a very quick and easy cake to make, and from the second helpings had around me, I would say more than acceptable.

Our knitting group is turning into a foodie group. Just look at the spread! However, there is proof that a few of the women are still managing to knit themselves scarves, blankets, baby hats and sweaters.