Kingston Outdoor Wedding Photographer, Kristen Ritchie

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin Portrait, Kristen Ritchie Photography

To make my birthday more memorable, I was given the opportunity to photograph our former Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Paul Martin on Friday. This follows the series of speakers The Community Foundation for Kingston & Area hosts each month. Typically I take a couple of portrait shots to be safe. I took one and only one of Mr. Martin and thank goodness it turned out well.

I photographed our 21st Prime Minister on my 37th birthday. Doing this started my day very early which enabled me to fill my day with lunch among family, a patio drink with a friend and end the day with a super fantastic meal hosted in my backyard underneath a big, overhanging tree with my lady friends. My dinner was magical, just as I envisioned it to be. I was feeling freaked out about turning 37 b/c it seems so old, however I’m quickly settling into this number…I think I like it…it’s going to suit me well.