This was the first time I have photographed another photographer, so I was honoured when Andrea chose me to document her wedding.

Andrea is a travel photographer and a lawyer, although she has been slowly removing herself from practicing law. The wedding in Kingston was held at the Queen’s University Club with a small gathering of family. After this celebration, they took off traveling in Europe, stopping in Italy for wedding #2 among more family and friends. You can bet I wanted that gig too! 🙂

Meeting Andrea was like seeing a direct reflection of myself, we are so bloody similar. I understood her, what she wanted, what she didn’t want, immediately. One of those individuals where you don’t always need words to explain yourself b/c you just know, you just get it. It was fun to talk shop, geek out discussing equipment and lenses, sympathize at how our solo jobs can get lonely at times…I made not just a new friend, but a new photo buddy too!

I’ve written it before, but I love the connections I make with my clients. Andrea and Peter’s families welcomed me with open arms into their fold while I witnessed the deep love they all give and receive from one another.

And at the end of my working day, I feel enriched for the experience and extremely lucky that my job fills me up to no end!