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Easily the best chocolate chip cookie, kingston ontario food photographer

My friend Siobhan came for dinner last night with a “special treat” hidden behind her back that I was told “I was going to love.” This turned out to be no lie. She received these morsels from heaven as a thank you for some recent dog sitting and was kind enough to share with a true chocolate lover. (me)

How do I explain the perfection of these cookies? First, they were not lightly burned, nor too crispy, and not too soft. It is obvious from the images above that they were oh so plump with tons of fat chocolate chips, plenty of butter and sugar (but they were not sickeningly sweet). One cookie is a meal. I have never experienced such a feeling of satisfaction from eating a cookie. The kicker, they were made by a man. And all I could think after barely being able to finish my second one, was thank god I don’t live with this man or else I would be as plump as his confections.

And if any of you readers out there feel your chocolate chip cookie deserves the title of ‘best cookie ever’, please feel free to send them my way for a taste off. In return they will receive a photo shoot like the one above and mention on this blog. 😉