My buddy Ryan tied the knot with his sweetheart Jill this past weekend in Lee, Massachusetts at the fairytale Santarella and I am so happy I was asked to be a part of their very special wedding.

Ryan and I met pouring ourselves into photography 5 years ago in Montana at The Rocky Mountain School of Photography. What I’ve come to witness about photographers is each one has unique qualities they bring to their work. What I admire about Ryan as a photographer is his adventure and sense of play. He will try any equipment that intrigues him, use it, make it work, create stunning images, never seeming to be intimidated by new or old technology. Which is why it didn’t surprise me that his wedding be well documented. Check this out, there were 2 photographers (me and our buddy Bill who was also a part of the Montana scene), 2 videographers, one of which shot Super 8mm, plus Ryan bought disposable Rollei cameras as well as a couple of polaroid cameras for guests to use at will.

Friday night I arrived to a dress rehearsal and dinner when Ryan approached me with a very special Leica camera in hand. What I’ve come to experience as a one woman show running her own photography business is that it can be a very lonely affair a lot of the time. I don’t have a community of photogs where I live who share and get together, so when Ryan handed me this gorgeous camera, well, it made me emotional. My schooling experience in Montana is easily one of the best in my life and a big part of the reason why was having the opportunity to nerd out with my buddies talking equipment, going on shoots together and just having them there every day to talk shop and get inspired. We are present for each other online via blogs and email, but nothing compares to some face time with your buddies, cameras in hand.

Ryan and Jill were married outdoors by a pond, surrounded by fairytale like structures at a special place called Santarella in the village of Tyringham. The sum of my experience at their wedding is that it is easily the best wedding I have been to as a guest. The two of them put so much effort into making this occasion a treat for their honoured guests. It was obvious the time and care involved from the beautiful music chosen for their ceremony to the table settings, flower decorations, bouquets, the band and the food. I have to stop here and talk some about the food b/c it was the best catered food I have ever had the pleasure to taste. And aside from the best catered fare, it was also some of the best food I have eaten. How’s that for praise?

Now onto some photographs.

This is just one of the special buildings on the property. We called it the honeymoon suite. Isn’t it quaint? You can bet I pictured myself living in it!

The women stayed and got ready in the old house on the property.

The happy bride – Jill with her lovely, never ending smile!

I mentioned to Jill I could see Ryan outside the window if she wanted to take a peek at him. I love the nervousness and emotion in these images as she dares to look. I don’t think she got close enough to the window to see him. 😉

For a year Jill gathered brooches from special people in her life to create this truly unique bouquet.

Jill waving to some of her friends out the window.

We can see where Jill gets her fabulous smile – her mom!

Jill and Ryan decided to see each other prior to the ceremony. I love the way Ry is peeking around the door at his bride.

As a photographer I have the honour of being a witness to some very special, private moments between two individuals. I am genuinely touched and filled with emotion on every photo session, especially ones where I’m witnessing a friend…

As I was getting Ryan and the groomsmen set up for some shots, this scene was going on behind me. Jill and Ava having a quiet, special moment.

Leave it to a photographer to pick a time for their ceremony when the light is stunning!

Ryan’s boutonniere was made out of strips of 35mm film. So fun!

Food by Apogee Catering

Happy Marriage you two.

K xox