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With our online presence playing such a big role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Head Shots

How does the process work?

Each portrait I take is tailored to your needs and preferences. An essential part of the process is determining what kind of atmosphere you want your portrait to reflect. Photographs can be taken at your business, a studio, or a location of your choosing. But no matter where the photo is taken, the business portrait session is a relaxed and enjoyable event. With makeup services available, wardrobe changes and lots of personal attention, you come away with a portrait that allows your true character to shine through. Together we will choose the best image(s) during your session so you leave knowing exactly what you will be receiving. All images are lightly retouched and high resolution jpegs are emailed to you.

What about makeup for a business head shot?

Makeup is an important component of a portrait session for both men and women. Since photography lights can wash out features, women should wear a bit more makeup than usual for the session, and men can also benefit greatly from applying a light foundation or powder. Even if you prefer a natural look, a good foundation can smooth out skin tones, and a little lipstick and mascara can bring out your features. I highly recommend having makeup done professionally for your photograph. Your skin will have a fine, smooth texture, your best features will be emphasized, and your natural coloring will sparkle. For an additional fee, I provide an on-location makeup artist who specializes in the photo image. She will also help with hair touch-ups.

What should I wear for a business head shot?

Choose an outfit that you would wear when meeting one of your best clients and that you feel great in! If it is a suit, be sure the jacket fits well. This is critical! The camera blatantly shows if seams are straining, or if your shoulders are swimming in extra material. Choose a solid color that is somewhat darker than your natural skin tone. A deep red, gray, green, brown or blue suit jacket is a good choice, as these colors look well in both black-and-white and color. Under the jacket you can wear a contrasting top with a simple collar (jewel neck, traditional shirt collar). For variety, you can wear the shirt or blouse without a jacket or with a sweater for some of the photos. Bring several clean and pressed tops to the session. For women, simple, non-distracting jewelry, such as stud earrings or a thin necklace, will give you a professional look. In general, avoid dangly earrings, unless they are an integral part of your “look.” Many of my clients are artists or entrepreneurs who rarely wear suits. If you prefer casual clothes, scarves, capes, hats or props, by all means bring them along.

What is your turnaround time?

Final files are usually ready within one-two days after your session.

I always look terrible in picures. Will you ever get a good portrait of me?

This is an extremely common concern. People who say they don’t photograph well usually tense up in front of a camera-which will indeed produce a less than flattering photo! I am dedicated to creating an atmosphere that will help you to relax. I have studied lighting, directing and posing techniques that will bring out your best features and most positive attitude. I guarantee you will get a picture you love!

Head shot for your professional life

Your professional head shot is a window for your clients, colleagues, potential employers or agents to get a sense of who you really are. Your professional portait is an opportunity to share your brand and to show the face of your business. A compelling head shot, whether for your business or your artistic life, is an essential part of how you present yourself to the world.

I work with business people, actors, musicians and authors. No matter what your profession, I will dedicate myself to understanding you and the special qualities you bring to your work.

We will collaborate in studio or on location to create a headshot you will be proud to show.

Head shot pricing

Studio sessions for all my clients are priced the same, whether you want a business portrait, an actor’s headshot, or an author portrait.  The head shot pricing depends on the number of changes of clothing you would like to make and the final number of images you would like to have. The prices are as follows:

Session A: Traditional Head shot

Includes one outfit and one gently retouched file. This session usually runs about 30-60 minutes. This session is perfect for someone who needs one basic headshot for their website or social media.

Price: $199

Session B: Head shot session with one clothing change

Includes a clothing change and two retouched files. This option is perfect for people who want two or more different looks (e.g. corporate and casual). Many of my clients use an additional image for dating websites. This session usually runs about an hour to an hour and a half.

Price: $275

Session C:  Headshot session with multiple clothing changes

Includes multiple clothing changes and three retouched files. This session is ideal for performing artists who want several different looks, or for business people who have a variety of uses for an image, such as speaking, websites, and publicity.

Price: $325 and up

On-location sessions are priced individually.

Additional retouched files may be purchased for $75. Makeup services are available on request starting at $55. Call me at 613-888-5113 to discuss your ideas for your head shot!

View my head shot portfolio.

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