I’m not sure how to start this post, so I’ll just start typing and allow the words to emerge. Hannah has been in my life since she was a kitten. That was seventeen years ago. She was left behind on a trip out west to B.C. by her then owner and my friend. Hannah’s mother Pearl flew to B.C. and Hannah stayed with me on Wolfe Island. I wasn’t looking to be a cat owner, in fact I’m allergic to them. I had a dog, I was a dog person. But Hannah stayed and shortly, over time, she renewed my faith in felines by not holding the common cat stereotype of being aloof. To describe Hannah’s personality I can easily use the words, loving, forgiving, constant, affectionate, sociable, chatty and with a loud motor (purr). Soft grey fur with white socks and one white line starting on the left side of her mouth and spilling into her chest. Friends often commented she had a regal, all knowing gaze.

If you had the opportunity to be a house guest, you could be sure Hannah would greet you upon entering, even if it meant rousing from her slumber and she would most definitely be your bed mate that evening, ready for a snuggle. As one friend emailed me today, “I loved Hannah’s affection.  She was a good partner for me at your house during my lonely single days. 🙂 The way she would rub herself against me purring – made me want to purr.

As you can tell from the images above, she was very photogenic. I’ve spent this morning searching for images of Hannah in the garden as she often enjoyed lying amidst the flowers. I can see the photograph clearly in my head, but it must be packed away in one of my albums. I can recall one summer day as I chose to sit on the grass in front of one of my flower beds, and soon to follow was Habs and Hannah. Habs lying beside me and Hannah between my legs, lying on her back with her white and grey belly exposed. I remember so well the feeling of pleasure and love of my two girls.

She was a great mouser with perfect form, bum high in the air ready to pounce. She even caught a bat inside the house once. A closed bedroom door didn’t always suit her and she would meow or quite literally bang on the door until it was opened for her. She danced when petted and wasn’t shy about letting you know if you were petting her wrong by a quick, playful bite to your hand. 🙂

Hannah passed peacefully with me by her side yesterday. Even as she slipped away and I kissed and caressed her I could still hear her purring at me. She loved me well. Our animals have a wonderful capacity to always love us, don’t they? Hannah was always happy to see me and showed it. Never judging, never too busy or distracted by someone else, our animals love us every day, and what a gift that kind of love is to receive.

I am missing her this morning. Even though she was unwell, she greeted me every morning with talk, affection and a dance. We would sit together on the rug and I would gladly feed her to make sure she ate, which I think in the end she took advantage of just for the attention. 😉 Regardless, I was more than happy to show her how much I loved and cherished her.

People often asked me if I had kids, and I would always shake my head and say no, I had the perfect cat and dog. I always felt so lucky to have two such generous, loving, patient, forgiving, kind and happy animals.

To my kitten. Hannie. Pajama. The big banana. Thank You. I hope you felt how much I loved you in return. xo