Kingston Outdoor Wedding Photographer, Kristen Ritchie

Cambridge Mill Wedding, Jenna and James, Kristen Ritchie Photography


This story begins almost 3 years ago by receiving a phone call from Brandy saying she has long admired my photography and is very excited b/c her husband has purchased a photo session with me for her new, young family. What I remember feeling from our phone conversation is, “Wow, she is saying so many wonderful things about my work, she is my dream client!” When I arrived for Brandy’s family portrait session, I saw and fell in love with a painting on her wall of a cloud, the colours, texture, mood, all spoke to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She proceeded to tell me her brother James is a painter and had in fact just flown in from Sydney, Australia where he was visiting his girlfriend who was working there at the time and was spending a few nights with them. Mid-way through our session James appeared and sat quietly among us. Tired and I’m sure jet-legged, he didn’t say much, but I did get a few images with him and his niece, the image below being one I think is fun.

Fast forward a year or two and I receive an email from James saying he and his girlfriend are engaged and want me to be their wedding photographer. And my response is, “What? Really?” James proceeded to explain that he loved the images I produced for his sister’s family and went on to talk about the quality of light, colour, composition and I was on the other end of the line jaw dropped and literally floored. It was happening, an Artist was hiring me. Hip, hip, hooray! To have a client not only understand but appreciate what it means to Create is the bees knees. I wasn’t just another check point in things “to do” to prepare for his wedding day, no, I was, “a very important part of his wedding day.” Is it possible to have two dream clients who are also siblings? Yes. it. is. And before I go on, I must add that Brandy is an artist in her own right. She makes beautiful jewellery from salvaged antiques and even made her brothers wedding band. Gotta love that.

And so I have been anxiously awaiting James and Jenna’s wedding for over a year and now that the day has passed I feel lucky and grateful to have been among such fine people all day long. I’ve had this theory for years now that whenever I meet a gal who I feel exudes confidence, joy and lightheartedness, what I say to myself is, “I bet she has a great mom who helped her become a great woman.”  I felt this pretty much as soon as I met and hugged Jenna. And my theory holds. Jenna’s mom Penny is awesome. I loved watching them interact and the obvious love and connection between them.

Peeking through a doorway.

Jenna and her friends got ready in her childhood home which I loved. You could feel the board games, birthday parties and sleepovers that had taken place for years in this home.

Jenna told us that she used to wear this bracelet all the time when she was a little girl as part of her “dress up” play times. She also carried a beautiful blue flowered hanky that belonged to her grandmother and had it in hand when she and James saw each other before the ceremony.

Jenna awaiting the arrival of James at Soper Park. It’s an incredible build up to this moment when it all begins to feel very real for the bride and groom.

James liked the texture of this tree trunk for his portrait and admittedly I’m dying for the shadows here. It’s an older era feel I adore.

The ceremony and reception took place at the ever lovely Cambridge Mill.

Jenna’s mom hid money in the wedding cake as a surprise. She told me she made Jenna money cakes all the time when she was a child.

Best bride and dad dancing I’ve seen! These two can cut a rug! I loved taking pictures of their wonderful movement.

Happy Marriage J&J. I wish you the moon, the stars and the sky. Thank you for allowing me to be a witness to your love. xo