Kingston Outdoor Wedding Photographer, Kristen Ritchie

Kingston Photographer, Kristen Ritchie, Fields of Corn B&W 35mm Film

This second image feels like a war-like massacre image within the content and tones of blacks and greys.

I’m impressed with the high end action presets that emulate the look of film. They do a great job of emulating the real thing and I often feel satisfied with their results, but then I look at my images shot with actual film and it immediately sets my heart a flutter and an internal statement gets created, that I want to shoot only film again. In the end, there is no comparison for the feelings that are generated for me when I look at a b&w film print and when my feelings get muddled while running a business and all that it entails, the art of what and why I do it at times becomes blurred which is why the impact of feelings perks me up, makes me feel alert, alive and recalls why I had the desire so long ago to pick up a camera, which wasn’t just for the shooting sake of it, but also just as important, the look and feelings the results gave me.