Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Somehow, 24 hours in a Sunday feel like they last twice as long, and on a day where I don’t feel the urgency to work, a day that feels doubly long is most welcome.

I’m thankful I saw The Barr Brothers perform Friday night at the Isabel Bader Centre. Each musician in the band proved themselves to be multi-talented on several different instruments. It was a treat to see how they create all of the different sounds that make up just one song.

Finished this book a few days ago and I’ve been telling everyone about it. A fascinating read for this introvert to learn more about western cultures fascination with extroverted leadership and how we have moved from a culture of character in the early 1900’s to a culture of personality. I’m grateful for this book b/c somehow it allowed me to accept my introverted personality more then I have ever before.

I killed 8 episodes of this show in a day.

Happy to have come across this Ted Talk the other day. Quite a story. I hope you have the pleasure to listen.

Here’s to a great week and the beginning of Spring!