Perhaps it started with my reading Barbara Kingsolver novels, but I feel it happened even earlier than that, my long held dream to experience the scrubby deserts of Arizona. Insert many, many years later and my dreaming was made true after spending this past week in Arizona, namely Sedona and a trip to The Grand Canyon. My gal pal and I landed in Phoenix where we rented a car and headed for Sedona. We’re travel by the seat of our pants kind of gals, and other than knowing we were going to The Grand Canyon, everything else was up in the air, we would stop where we fancied, or rather, when the scenery made us want to jump from the car. Being two very outdoorsy, hiking chicks, we knew to trust our instincts and these images above represent our first, “Oh my word, look at those beautiful red rock mountains, let’s GET OUT THERE!” moment. To say I was humbled and overwhelmed walking through these gorgeous red rocks is an understatement. I purposely chose to make images showing the paths, to get as close as I could to the rocks so that you may get a feel for what it’s like to be so close to them, b/c who needs another image of a mountain in the distance? Now that I’ve been there, I know the feeling to be in this environment, so the images take on a different meaning for me, but for those that haven’t experienced it, I wanted to get you closer, so that maybe looking at yet another mountain picture would feel a bit different for you. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, I hope you enjoy nonetheless. More Arizona images to come this week!