Remember how exciting it was to pick up  your pictures from your local camera store before digital cameras existed? All week I’ve been checking my mailbox in hopes of finding an envelope with images from rolls of 120 film I shot. Today they arrived and the image above expresses so much of what is in my heart. I’ve experienced a lot of loss and change in the past year, and what I like about this image is how it represents the things I love.

First, I love that cat. She sits at my feet as I type this and has been ‘one of my girls’ for the past 15 years.  I love that bedroom, especially the way the light fills it at a certain time of day. It got to the point where if I wasn’t home to catch the light, I would often envision what that room looked like wherever I happened to be at that time. This image means a lot to me today after all of the change that has come my way.

And lastly, I love that this image was made with film. I am over the moon thrilled to see these images that I made with my Hasselblad camera see the light of day. For me it represents moving through fear and procrastination and just doing it, and I’m so glad I did! More images to come.