Two Sundays ago I offered up some mini Fall family portrait sessions as a way to allow folks to get some updated images of their families for holiday greeting cards, etc. Each session was 30 minutes in length. I have never offered up such a session before and I can say I never will again. The reasons are simple, 30 minutes does not allow me the time I enjoy and need with a family in order to give them the kind of images I want; images that reveal what each individual brings to make the family who they are together as a clan. Images that evoke real life and real expressions, like my business card reads. Personally and professionally I dislike staged portraits of families, and there I was desperately trying not to do that on Sunday and yet, did so. I’m not unhappy with the results, but they don’t speak to who I desire to be as a photographer. What are we constantly told but to put out the kind of work we desire so as to attract the kind of clients who want those same results. Well today let it be known that I am very interested and inspired to photograph “a day in the life” family series. Straight out of bed, coffee being made, stories being read, board games being played, temper tantrums, bath time, quiet time, all of it. A documentation of your very real, messy, colourful, wonderful, lives. If these words and this idea makes your heart beat faster then cast out your line and let’s have some real fun.