Yesterday I spent the day in beautiful Prince Edward County at Chadsey Cairns Winery where they were hosting two fine Canadian musicians, siblings, Matt and Jill Barber.

It was a special day for the Barber family as their parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and so the concert took on a festive air with family and close friends among the audience. Wine, was of course, available and served along with tapenades and sorbet with a hint of wine flavour, very yummy.

From the images above you will note that it took place in a barn set in among the vineyard itself. If you enjoy romantic melodies accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica, I would definitely check out Matt Barber, he just came out with a new cd release entitled True Believer.

Jill and her fantastic 3 man band boast sounds from another era. Take a listen to her latest album, Chances and you won’t be sorry.

Chadsey’s are hosting musicians in their barn throughout the summer months, so do yourself a favour and spend the day in a lovely setting listening to some fine Canadian talent.