Kingston Outdoor Wedding Photographer, Kristen Ritchie

the big ditch

We eventually left Sedona to start the 2 hour drive to The Grand Canyon, aka the big ditch (thanks Bill). We started the day in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops and as you can see from this first image, our elevation got higher and higher, just look at those winding roads we drove! And as we got to this lookout elevation point to take these pictures, the winter coat came on.

This was the first time I pulled the car over to take a picture. Seeing this sign was a big marker for me. I made it!

My very first sighting of the Canyon. I was overwhelmed.

I was just as inspired by the scrubby foliage around the Canyon.

This is my shadow in the image. I wanted to show you how close to the edge you can stand. Or at least, my edge. : )