Not sure why, but I visualize the month of January as “the top of the slide” in my mind. This is a fairly recent feeling b/c like many, I’ve always felt September was the start of a new year b/c it was the marker of a seasonal change and going back to school. I like this new change of feeling however. I like seeing January as a new beginning, the top of the slide, and the months after it as possibilities for creativity, planning, fun, new seasons and changes.

Waking up to an abundant snow fall Christmas morning was pure magic. When is the last time that happened? I can’t recall, if ever. Seeing that snow and sunshine out my window gave me tickles in my stomach I haven’t had probably since my youth. How wonderful. It immediately put me in the holiday spirit and it’s only today that I’ve managed to do a small ounce of work. I’ve been outside in the snow all week and absolutely loving it. I’m going out for more in a few minutes. This image above was taken on a night walk this week. Top of the slide.