As a portrait photographer I’m often selling the future, as in, “trust me, photographs of your family are going to be important to you in a few years.” Although this is true and the sentiment resonates with many people, it’s tough to sell the future. To that end, I recently got in touch with a past client and asked her to reflect on what her photos, taken almost four years ago, mean to her today. My hope is that it will show you “the future” and the value of family portraits and the meaning your photographs will hold.

“Let me tell you why I love my photos.
Life is so short. The moments come and go, the days pass by. There is no stopping the passage of time. All of it seems so fragile ….as if in precarious balance. My family is growing up and moving away. What I cling to are all of the ties, memories and images from the past… as we move forward through these new phases and stages of our lives. A photograph of the boys takes me back to that precious moment when all was good with the world. That is the essence of our existence I feel. To love and be loved. My family is everything to me. They are my soul. Capturing ┬áimages from a moment in time with them is magic. My home only has photographs on the walls….the images define our life.”
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