A good business head shot is an essential part of your branding and social media presence. Whether you decide to have your photo done in a studio or on location, here are 4 easy tips on getting your best LinkedIn headshot:

  1. Get one! If you haven’t been asked for a professional head shot, you will be. It’s just a matter of time. You will need one for your web page, as well as for social media, newsletters, news releases, articles, profiles, brochures and speaking engagements.
  2. Hire a professional photographer. Your clients can tell when your photo is a selfie or snapped by a friend. The message you are portraying is, “I don’t care enough to establish a professional presence.” A good photographer will know how to use lighting and posing in a way that flatters your face and body type, and will help you relax for a natural yet professional expression. Your head shot is part of your brand. Be sure it is sending a message compatible with your professionalism.
  3. When possible, have your makeup applied by a makeup professional who understands lighting. Strobes or even natural light can wash out your features, so enhancement of eyes and lips is important. For both men and women, a good foundation powder can smooth the skin and reduce glare. Remember, you want your makeup to look natural, not flashy. I generally suggest to all of my clients who don’t normally wear makeup to apply a light base of foundation simply to even out the skin tone.
  4. Choose a solid-color, well-fitting suit and/or top. Textures can be distracting. Deep gray or navy blue photographs better than blacks. When in doubt, wear something that makes you feel great. If you feel great, it will be conveyed in your photo.

Have questions? I can definitely help you achieve your best LinkedIn headshot yet! Let’s connect!