More and more I am hired to create online dating photos for those wanting a more polished online presence. I believe in putting your best self out into the world, so here are a few tips for online dating photos and reasons why professional photos for your online dating presence are essential.

  1. A professional photograph will make you stand out in a sea of not-so-good photos. A bright, in focus, photograph will help you get noticed by potential suitors. I have heard many complain about photos  where you can’t clearly see their face, the image is too dark or the person is too far away from the camera to see them. Your photos are your first impression so you must maximize their impact!
  2. Have an up to date photo. A common complaint from both men and women is that people use younger photographs or ‘unrealistic’ photos of themselves on their dating profiles, and the person they meet on the actual date is not who they looked like online. Be honest about who you are, and get a flattering and natural up-to-date photograph.
  3. Multiple photographs encourage potential matches to click on your profile. The focus of all your photographs will be on you, not the background, and through conversation we will create images that reveal your true and natural essence. My expertise lies in making everyone, even the most uncomfortable people, feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.
  4.  What to wear? I highly recommend wearing what you feel great in! Ladies, if you normally wear a shirt and jeans, and that’s what makes you feel like “you”, then wear it! You want to look at your photos and recognize yourself.
  5.  You deserve it! Having professional photographs taken isn’t just about getting a couple of polished photographs for your online dating profile, it’s also about having a really great time, feeling good and seeing yourself in a new light. The whole shoot is fun and designed to transform your online dating experience!

Ready to book your session with me? I so look forward to connecting with you!