For the past two months I have been contracted by Queen’s University’s Ban Righ Centre to photograph both local and national celebrities for their poster campaign entitled, “Who Is She”, a tribute to the most influential woman in your life.

There are many aspects about my job as a photographer that bring me great satisfaction, and one of them is the opportunity to travel to new locales (even within my own city) meet new people and listen to their stories. I can’t express how much these three things combined enriches my day, my outlook and puts a bounce in my step. My part of the project is now complete, however I have been asked to speak and present this body of work as well other personal photographs to the Centre in the fall.

The image above is local editor and journalist Gillian Sadinsky and her most influential woman, Mrs. White (who is in her 90’s and wonderful). Each individual was asked to write about why they chose each woman and an excerpt of that will be added to the poster. Hopefully I can post images of the actual posters once they are hung.

World renowned classical guitarist Liona Boyd and her mother.

Journalist and CBC Radio host, Mary Lou Finlay and a photograph of her friend Joan, her most influential woman.