Wouldn’t you agree? My favourite flower, ranunculus, arrived on my doorstep this week from this wonderful and favourite flower shop in town. To me they are sweet, graceful, elegant, dainty, pretty, fanciful and sprightly. Not only am I delighted to have some colour added to my surroundings, but I was eager to put my camera lens to them, a bonus when I can feel lazy about taking pictures this time of year.

I enjoyed experimenting with light and dark backgrounds and the various feelings each evokes. For instance, this last image with the black background and moody lighting with the mix of yellow and pinks makes me think of the 70’s, Tammy Wynette and long, heavy, thick orange and black drapery from that era. In essence, it leaves me feeling uncomfortable!! I’d much rather look at the second black and white image b/c it suits more of my esthetic present day. However, I made a choice to post them all b/c I feel it’s important to experience a range of feelings and emotions when we look at art of any kind. It’s a large part of its purpose after all.