If you live in Kingston and still don’t the wonders of Leanne Parcher’s flower studio, l.s.p. designs, get out from under your rock and over to Portsmouth Village where she and her creations live and breathe. Here you won’t find what we have come to know as the traditional flower shop that don refrigerating units and bouquet sky high prices that have you debating whether to spend your money on a great pair of shoes or flowers for your mum. No, not here. Leanne understands that beauty and art can be affordable, which is why giving yourself the gift of FRESH flowers every week from her studio is so very doable. I dare you to walk into her space and not be awed by her simple, yet abundant arrangements of various textures and hues of greenery and blossoms that your decision will either be instantaneous or painful b/c you want them all.

Last month I skipped into her studio (yes, I skipped I tell you) only to find two women already there ahead of me. I was shopping for Mother’s Day and I took one quick look at a shelf with an absolutely precious bouquet created by Leanne and announced, “I’ll take it.” It was maybe $20. This fact leaves me stunned and so appreciative of Leanne’s obvious flare and love for her creations and her desire to share them with us at such affordable prices.

And have I mentioned that Leanne is a Doll? Well she is. And you will know it too once you meet her. So when you venture into her shop be good to her b/c her natural, creative offerings are a gift. Her style and vision are infused into everything she touches. We are lucky to have her here.

l.s.p. designs

676 King St. W.



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