I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile now, even before she was gone, and now she is. Buried on Monday, my tears flowing since Sunday.

How grateful I am that she was in my life for 15 of her 17 1/2 years. She became ‘my girl’ fast upon knowing her, and I was hers.

In her old age I thought about the day this post would come, but I really never thought it would, as she just kept on going.

I’d like to share some of the names I called her, b/c as we know, the beings we love in our life rarely get called by their given names.

Tootie, Toot, Sweetheart of Mine, Lovey Pants, Habilina, Habilicious, Young Miss,  Gorgeous George, Cutey Pie, Beauty Queen, Babe, Muffin Head and Love. Always Love.

I know most people believe theirs to be the best dog, but we even had friends and family who had their own dogs say over and over again that Habs was The Best Dog, and she was, bar none. When people asked if I had kids, my reply was always, “No, I have the perfect dog.”

A family member had these words for her which sums her up perfectly in my mind:

I am sorry to hear about Habs’ passing.  In my mind she was the perfect dog – great personality, fiercely loyal, an amazingly adorable face and she obviously enjoyed her life (you could almost see her smiling).  A great long life for a great dog.  She certainly touched everyone in this family and she will be missed.

It’s true, she always looked happy, like she had a smile on her face (you can’t see it in this image), and she had a very light step when she walked or pranced about. She let me love her with abandon and now that she’s gone, I feel an incredible void in my love life. Not only do I miss loving and caring for her, but I miss the love she gave me.

I know I can feel good that she had a fun, adventurous (she’s been out west 3 times), free and loving life. She wore no leash, had acres to roam, trucks to ride in, trips to take, lakes to swim, sticks to chew, she went everywhere we did b/c she was so easy, there was no reason not to include her.

As the days come I hope I find more peace in my heart with her physical presence gone. It’s quiet here. Too quiet. I want her back.

I have a picture sitting in front of my computer of she and I in Marathon, ON when we were both babies. We’re on our way out west, I have short hair, she has long hair. Neither one of us is looking at the camera b/c we both don’t like having our picture taken. I’m holding onto her and she’s letting me.

I’ve turned off the comments for this post. I know if you’re reading this you send your best thoughts my way. I just needed an outlet to write about my sweet girl.

I miss you so much Toot!

You have all of my love.

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