The wonderful and talented makeup artist, Lacey working her magic. Miss J is naturally a lovely looking woman, and the addition of Lacey’s talent and years of makeup experience, transformed this gal from her everyday look to stunning goddess. I’m sure you will agree looking at these images! The investment of an experienced makeup artist is priceless for the boudoir sessions.

Having fun is what this is all about so I added a small prop in this photo and together we “made believe” and had a ball laughing and goofing around. I really believe sexiness is revealed through letting go and not trying to act like we’re some kind of serious model with an attitude. It comes from an array of expressions and emotions. The point is to be yourself. When you allow that to happen, the images just happen naturally.

Muscle cramps come with the territory. 🙂 Hey, it happens to all of us. And look at the images I grabbed because of this spontaneous moment! I think she looks like a Revlon model. These are my favourite. Her beautiful natural laughter and smiles emanating from an unexpected moment.

Oh Gorgeous Gal.

Lovely lass, I’m happy to know you had as much fun as I did on this shoot! Thanks for bringing your A game and giggles. I’m happy to know I made a new friend. 🙂