Shelley Frank reached out to me looking for new family photos to fill her home. With one son away at University, this was an opportunity for them all to gather during a special occasion while visiting him. This particular family quickly found their groove, despite not being familiar with the area. The best way to get comfortable for family photos, I have found with my many years of experience behind the camera, is to get close to one another. Holding hands, wrapping arms around each other, physically getting our bodies close, smooshing into one another, creates ease in our bodies and within ourselves and with one another. Imagine you are all on the couch at home, piled on there, ready to relax and watch a movie. Can you see a leg draped on the next person’s lap? A head comfortably resting on the shoulder to the person next to you? Hands touching, perhaps interlaced? This is the concept we want to recreate in front of the camera. Lucky for me, I seem to have the skills to pull this out of every one of my clients. It’s likely because I already know what kind of images are going to make you smile when you look at the faces you love in your photos. You want to see genuine smiles, laugher and intimacy. Has it been 5 years since your last family photo session? I’d say it’s high time to get updates. We all grow, change, go through hard times and good times – we all have something unique as a family unit that we have been through together. Let’s capture this time together. You can contact me here.