I unenthusiastically tried to start spring cleaning on Sunday, but I got easily sidetracked while I was recycling a bunch of old school papers and found one of my diaries from late 1989. I found a chair, opened the cover and started to read down memory lane. What I read through the pages about my feelings towards high school, friends, boys and myself often made me roll with laughter, and also a bit sad at times.

However the one thing that caught my attention was my written desire to be a photographer. I know I’ve wanted this long before high school, but reading the words I had written at 17/18 years of age made an impact and brought a smile to my face for that young girl I once was.

I recently met with a young woman getting ready to head to Sheridan College in the fall to start her photography program. She brought along her portfolio for me to see and to talk about my experiences so far as a working photographer. I am so excited for her. I saw so much of myself in her enthusiasm and pure love of this medium. She already has a good eye and I know her determination will make her successful.

So I’m happy I found this old diary of mine. I may not have taken the most straight and obvious path to finally be working as a photographer as some others, but I’m here now and that’s all that matters. I’m living my dream.

Here’s hoping you’re doing exactly what you want to be.

2588polaroid of a crabapple tree