I took these photographs all the way back in 2008 and decided to revisit and post them b/c well, it’s cottage season again. It’s that time of year when we spend our cottage time swimming, hammock-ing, barbequing, magazine reading, gin & tonic drinking, bonfire-ing, s’more eating, daytime napping, boating, water skiing, nature walking, wildflower collecting, crossword puzzling, board gaming, sunburning, eating, laughing, naval gazing all in the good company of friends and family. I’m a cottage lover. Been doing it since I was a wee one and I can’t think of anywhere more pleasant than the cottage. We Ontarians feel fierce about our cottages/cabins. These special places can go way back in our blood lines or be recently acquired. Regardless of the amount of time you have spent at your cottage, a cousin or friend’s cottage, I’ll bet it’s one of your best memories. Having said that I want to extend this invitation to you. Rather than waiting until the winter season is upon us panicked for a family photo, pick a night and ask me to your cottage. Invite me into your backyard at dusk. Bring me to your home first thing in the morning while you’re snuggled in bed with the little ones.

Let’s make images that show how you really are with the people and surroundings you love most. xo