Michael reached out to me knowing what he wanted, a new headshot. He also knew exactly all of the ways he needed a headshot. He needed a headshot for his LinkedIn profile, a headshot for internal meetings at work, a headshot for conference speaking engagements and a headshot for his corporate resume. He has never had a professional headshot taken before, and he naturally felt nervous. I was glad he knew he needed a better headshot than the one he had (see first image above). He knew he needed to look professional, approachable and confident, a good hallmark to any headshot. My focus, is to solve my clients problems. His problem was he didn’t have a photo to fulfill his professional needs. As always, I reassured him he didn’t need to know how to pose, that I would take care of everything. After discussing wardrobe, we set our date and had a fun time. He quickly began to relax during the shoot and afterwards, when we sat to look at his images together, he expressed excitement and pride at seeing how great he looked in the photos we created. Seeing my clients express joy from seeing themselves in my photographs is a true highlight for me. Not only am I problem solving for them, but have the unique privilege at elevating how they see and feel about themselves!

If it’s been over 3 years since your last headshot, or if you have never had one, now is the time! Reach out!