kingston photographer kristen ritchieIt’s been an honour to take part in helping create this report on Kingston’s housing and homelessness for the community at large. I’ve lived in Kingston for most of my life and I had no idea of the many services available for food and housing. With each organization that I photographed, I learned about the real needs people in our community face and am astounded at the wonderful services provided. However the care given doesn’t diminish the facts of the desperate need for affordable housing. It’s true that many of our community members face difficult challenges with mental health issues which affects their ability to find stable work thus perpetuating the problem of affordable housing, but the truth is affordable housing in Kingston is sorely lacking even for those without health issues. I am a case in point. Having to move from my current location, I have been disappointed and shocked at the rental prices within Kingston. To add insult to injury, the high price tag too often in no way reflects the appearance of the rental space. There is a high demand with limited availability meaning the majority of rent prices fall into the category of mortgage payments or more.

This report was created by BM Dodo Strategic Design and is being made available to all Kingston tax payers. It’s my hope you all read it.

P.S. The photographs didn’t render well in the pdf file, but it’s my hope you will read the report to gain an understanding of this important topic.