You may be wondering why I chose this particular title for this blog post and I’ll tell you the reason. It’s not a new story, I’m sure you’ve heard or felt it yourself before, maybe even today, like me.

Being a one woman show running my photography business has me wearing many hats to keep this dream of mine alive of being a paid photographer and today I’m taking issue with the number of hats people. Many of the hats are too big for my head, the brims flop down in my face, make my head itchy and the colours don’t compliment my skin tone. Most days I want to share all of  my hats with people whose head fits them better. I don’t actually know these people, but I’d love it if they would raise their hand in the air and wave at me with a little, “You-hoo!” and come introduce themselves as my savior for marketingSEOadvertisinginternetwhizmakeallmytroublesgoawaysoicanjustconcentrateonshootingandbeingaphotogapher. ‘Cause honestly folks, some days, (and they have been numerous lately), I spend time in my head wondering if I’m going about this the right way, the best way, for my business. I have schooled and studied to be a photographer, not a social media phenom who stays abreast of the constant changing ins and outs of marketing to your audience. I’m tired of wondering people and my plea is to have that special someone(s) come into my world and claim these hats as their own ’cause I’m more than happy to share them.