I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Dickson and Kirsten’s unique and very personal street wedding this month. They blocked off part of their street so they could get married on their front porch while their guests were seated on the street in front of their home.

And the bag pipes brought her to us…



Kirsten explained to me that she was not someone you could keep a secret from, however, for one full year, Dickson had been planning a surprise serenade. Before Kirsten arrived on the scene, the guests were given the lyrics to a very special song and before the ceremony began, we sang to a surprised and emotional bride.



I’ve known Dickson for many years and while we were emailing back and forth the details of their wedding day, he mentioned that the two of them were not big on getting their picture taken…ever. He may have even mentioned that images of them don’t turn out very well….um, okay…. but I’m here to say YOU TWO ROCKED IT!!!!




I loved how casual and easy these two were whenever I suggested a picture idea. I suggested Kirsten sit on the curb, and then as I like to do, I sit back and wait for their personalities and humour to emerge. Isn’t she adorable? So much light and life in her expressions.


There are so many great images of these two, I’ve had a hard time making myself not post all of them!



Above are the lyrics to the song, Sonny’s Dream, that we sang to Kirsten. During our shoot with the car, Kirsten announced how much fun she was having posing and letting go of her inhibitions – that’s about one of the best things a photographer can hear!


There was some pretty steamy make out sessions between these two that had many of us fanning ourselves.



Thank you two so much for being such great sports and up for my suggestions! After asking them to stand straight and look serious I decided it was time to loosen things up and requested a little dancing from them. Look at them! They’re so awesome!


000092Love this one.

Dickson and Kirsten, after spending this day with you and witnessing and listening to your “love story”, I want to thank you for the gift you have given all of us who were in attendance to be close to such deep and honest love as yours.