Surprise Campsite Wedding

I knew the bride and groom were my kind of people when I was told it was a surprise campsite wedding at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Under the guise of it being a birthday celebration for their son, both of their families camped at the park while these two¬† decorated their site for their wedding. So much to pull off but they did it successfully and what to me looked effortlessly. But first, we met in the early morning hours at the park’s lighthouse to get some sweet portraits before the big surprise.

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M&N Wedding73My job was to wait here at a neighbouring campsite and instruct all family members to open their invitation unveiling the surprise and capturing their reactions. I was so excited!


M&N Wedding76

But first, look at all of the incredible detail and thoughfulness they created for their guests. A tent with games for the kids to play.

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M&N Wedding124And then, the reactions of family members upon reading the news. Wonderful, wonderful, emotion. Capturing raw emotion of this day was easily the highlight. And I’ll be honest, I had to work to keep my own tears at bay!


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Not only was this a surprise wedding, but the bride surprised her groom by inviting his childhood best friend. He was floored!

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M&N Wedding187Baby in a bubble.


M&N Wedding193There was plenty of laughter during their vows. It was a light and joyful atmosphere.


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M&N Wedding232 Cheers to you and your families and friends! I am honoured to have been a witness to a wonderful surprise and so much love and laughter. Thank you and happy, happy marriage. xo