If you have spent any time on my web site, these fine folks above will look familiar to you as this portrait session happened two years ago. Recently I have been going through my image file archives and coming across images that at the time of shooting I didn’t find noteworthy only to feel differently about them today. I’m sure there are many photographers out there who feel the same. It’s not unlike reading a book twice and getting a different message from it the second time round.

I’m fond of the first image b/c of its storytelling. It wasn’t posed, I just asked them to simply be together and they chose this room and went about their business. No one is looking at the camera, but they are engaged looking at one another and being together, and for that simple fact I love this image. My aim is to create images that show your real life, real emotions and real expressions. Your love for each other, your family, is inspiring enough without awkward, stiff poses. All you have to do is be yourself and I promise the results will delight you!

I was surprised to come across the second image b/c I had completely forgot that I had given my camera to their youngest daughter to take a picture with me in it at the end of our session. There’s my funny face documented with some lovely, lovely individuals.

I’m gathering excitement for the warmer months ahead as I’ve had more interest in families wanting me to document “a day in the life at the cottage.” Ah, the cottage. The place many of us hold so dear to our hearts and where we find it easier to roll away from our working titles and tasks to sink into a nature filled environment where schedules cease to exist. It thrills me to know I will be providing good people with images they can hold close and remember their lives at this special place and time for always. Ready to create some lasting memories? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!