When award winning writer and author, Nancy Jo Cullen contacted me this week with an urgent need for a head shot, I was more than happy to help. Some writers turn to simple phone camera snaps to use on their book jackets, and the lack of effort shows in the results. Your head shot should match the quality of the work you create and when it doesn’t, there is an obvious disparity.

I walk everyone through the easy process of head shots giving helpful information so you know what to expect and have your questions answered before our time together begins. During the shoot I give tips and pointers on how to achieve your best image. I promise the process is painless, even for the most camera shy person, much like myself!

In Nancy’s own words, “I love my head shot. It looks so much better than me! Or so much better than me in every other photo!”

Has it been more than 3 years since your last professional head shot? Never had one? Get in touch and let’s remedy that together.