Seeing Neil Young in concert last night at the KRock Centre marked the finale of a very full 4 day Easter holiday. Perhaps you also attended the concert? It appeared as though the entire city of Kingston was there last night. Neil pulled out all the stops and the crowd expressed their appreciation for the legendary rocker as he sang his much loved songs. I was a dork and didn’t bring my camera. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but more a forgotten thought from not enough sleep. At least that’s what I told myself last night as I resisted the urge to grab the camera from the guy sitting in front of me and take my own pictures.

I’m a gal who likes and needs solitary time, and sometimes this fact makes me forget just how much I also enjoy being in a crowd of individuals putting out and feeding off of good energy. Watching Neil perform live was a thrill, but so too did my enjoyment come from watching and feeling the throngs of people in that hall return the love to that man on stage. That kind of collective energy is powerful as it picks me up and carries me forward with the feeling of connection. It’s the same feeling I’m left with from my clients during and after each session. It’s a sense of lightness, gratefulness and connection which follows me for having shared in the intimacy of their lives.

*In case you don’t know, Pocahontas is the name of one of his songs and also a nickname given to me by my buddy D some 15 years ago that I had forgotten about until I heard this song last night, (of course I am not an Indian princess, but the name does translate to “playful” which is one good adjective to describe me).

*To Jaimie who emailed me, I responded to both emails sent, please check your spam folder, it may be hiding in there!