What was going to be a cake baking Sunday turned into pizza making instead. Cake, pizza, it’s all good.

If you’ve looked at my web site enough these lovely 3 faces will look familiar to you. We met for the first time 2 years ago for our first photo session. I love watching kids grow and blossom.

Molly and her incredibly beautiful eyes.

Beth brims with enthusiasm and play. Every day she walks to Bedore’s corner store, and so on this lazy, rainy Sunday we donned our galoshes and I got to play paparazzi on a street corner.

Katherine and I have our love of animals in common. Mittens the cat belongs to their neighbours, but on this Sunday she was staying for a sleep over. So sweet.

Somebody please put this gorgeous, photogenic woman in a commercial for pete’s sake!

’til next time!

K xo