I experienced the pleasure of working, collaborating and photographing an artist recently. Before the session took place we met at her home to discuss and conceive of what her goal of the photographs would be. How wonderful it was to hear a woman in her 40’s express how great she felt about herself in this period of time in her life and her desire for honest images. Blue jeans with paint spatters (from her art work) and a simple shirt is what made her comfortable and is an honest representation of who she is in her life. Real life, real emotions, real expressions is my business mantra and so of course it all sounded like a great fit to me. You don’t need to be or represent anyone other than who you truly are ever. I promise the results will be beyond wonderful when you accept the honest parts of yourself and allow them to be revealed. Take a look.

These two are her favourites and will be used on her web site and artist’s statement.

The books of poetry, wood staircase, coffee in hand, these are all meaningful, yet simple aspects of her life that she felt created an honest portrait of herself.