Stephanie and Glen were wed under a beautiful tree at The Grange Winery on a Monday evening. It was a small affair of family, food, atmosphere and lots and lots of love.

This is Stephanie greeting me upon her arrival. Could you ask for a happier bride? Within a couple of minutes of being in the presence of her parents and twin sister, I wanted to be adopted by them…they spilled over in joy, love and togetherness. I felt lucky just to be in their company.

At times I have moments of distraction from needing to do my job and getting caught up in the emotion taking place in front of me. Throughout the ceremony I watched Glen gently stroke Stephanie’s hand as they quietly and thoughtfully looked into each others eyes.

There was an abundance of good humour in these two. Stephanie told me they bring out the child and playfulness in each other. Appropriately, their wedding rings were brought up the aisle by two ring bearers in plastic candy trash cans – remember those!

These two have been friends for a long time and their deep love and friendship for each other is wonderfully apparent.

Stephanie and Glen, I love your Love. I’m honoured to have been a witness and a participant in your very special lives!

K xo