Milly and Charly’s wonderful outdoor Wolfe Island wedding was very near and dear to my heart. An interesting fact is they both spent their youth on Wolfe Island, yet didn’t meet one another until they were in another province at university. I have no doubt they passed one another in the village on hot summer days, getting an ice cream cone as adolescents, and to think they didn’t fully meet until years later is so wild to me. Meant to be!!

They initially had a very large guest list and had booked a venue off island to have their wedding ceremony. However, updated Covid restrictions meant they had to drastically cut their guest list and switch gears and have both their ceremony and reception on the island. They were married in her parents back yard and the reception was held at his parents barn. The success of having a Wolfe Island wedding comes from the positive attitude they showed when their initial plans had to pivot and change.

Their wedding was a family affair as they poured a ton of work and labour into the makings of this day, and it showed! A day mixed with lots of laughter with close friends and family and some tenderhearted tears. Lots of love surround these two and their respective families. I’m so happy they have one another and I look forward to seeing what these two get up to.

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